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Quickest and most comfortable way to get there, is a private transfer. Slovakia offers modern highways system, in the northern part of the country surrounded by wonderful landscape of mountain range Carpathians . We offer pick up from the airport, bus/ train station or hotel.

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Capital city of Bratislava is also the largest city of Slovakia. It's the center of economic, political and cultural life. Capital city holds establishments of national and international importance. Bratislava is located picturesquely on the slopes of the Little Carpathians. The city is full of valuable monuments, has a long history and wonderful traditions.

This charming city spreading on both sides of the river Danube is considered by Slovaks to be a place of hard work, business and money. Initiated inhabitants of the capital know that the weekend mood starts here already on Thursday. Bratislava is a multicultural capital, city boarders are Slovakia boarders as well with two other countries: Hungary and Austria. Many inhabitants of this city speak fluently in two or even three languages: Slovakian, German and Hungarian.

From Bratislava it is close to such metropolises as Vienna or Budapest. If u need a reference point in the city best choice is the Bratislava Castle from the turn of the 14th and 15th century is situated about 80 meters above the city.

The Bratislava Castle is located on a beautiful hill, in the very center of Bratislava, on the banks of the Danube River. The castle was rebuilt many times. During the reign of Empress Maria Teresa, the castle took on the features of the baroque style, which are currently characteristic of the rulers residence. The castle was also seat of a Catholic school and served as a barracks. During the fire in 1811 it was completely destroyed and restored not until communist times. Many important historical events took place in this castle, for example ,n 1992, the Constitution of the Slovak Republic was signed there. Nowadays castle is intended for a museum in which there are exhibits of the Historical Museum.

Another place that is definitely worth seeing is Square on the Old Town.

The most important building around Old Town is the Old Town Hall. It's tower dates back from the end of the 13th century. It is a mix of several architectural styles. Square, extremely popular among tourists, is surrounded by historic buildings. In the center of it you will find Maximilian's fountain. There is also monument of rococo style - Apponyi palace, complex of town hall buildings, being the host of Museum of Small Carpathian Winery. In the northern part of the square, the French Embassy is located inside the Kutscherfeld Palace.

The cathedral of St. Martin is the largest and most important temple in Bratislava. There are netted and starry vaults, stained glass windows in the presbytery, and a bronze statue of the patron Saint Martin.

An interesting attraction of the Old Town is the synagogue, which characteristic elements are the modernist columns located in front of the main facade. Its interior is also kept in a modernist style.

The parent stage of the operetta and ballet band is Slovak National Theater. It's an enormous building, built in the Neo-Renaissance style. In front of the entrance you can find Ganymede marble fountain, dated back to 1880.

In addition to the monuments in Bratislava, you can visit the zoo and Dinopark, where a 3D cinema and a paleontological playground for children were created.

Tourists appreciate many opportunities of leisure activities in Bratislava. The capital of Slovakia has many cultural attractions to offer, including classical music concerts and concerts of domestic and foreign artists. Nightlife is thriving on the promenade, as it is possible to meet tourists and residents of Bratislava walking around at any time of day.